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    With the increasing popularity of Korean culture to the world. South Korea has a lot to offer and it is not just all about your favorite Kpop Idol and Korean dramas. A big part of Korean culture is their food and if you have watched a lot of Korean dramas and follow the personal interest of your favorite Kpop Idol, Korean food is showcased a most of the time It is no wonder that lot's of people have also taken an interest and eventually  also fallen in love with Korean food. 

         Whenever Korean food is mentioned, either kimchi, Korean barbeque or the Samyang spicy noodles. always come to our mind. But Korean food is not just about spicy noodles, Korean BBQ and kimchi. It also offers a lot of varieties of food from sweets, savory, salty and even healthy foods.

         As part of spreading the Korean culture to the Middle East, food is one of the things that can bring unity and love to other nations without a doubt. Have a taste of Korean food  ranging from Jajangmyun, Bokkeummyeon, Shin Ramyun, Spicy Buldak Noodles, Tteokbokki Sauce, Samjang, Buldak Sauce, Instant Cooked Rice, Bulgogi Marinade Sauce, Gochujang, Collagen Supplements, Diet Supplements, Energy Drinks. Soy Milk, Konjac Jelly and many more.

    Come and have a taste of Korean culture delivered straight to your doorstep with FOOD KOREA!

    What's the secret behind the Korean Weight Loss Diet?

    What's the secret behind the Korean Weight Loss Diet?


    Koreans are known for looking their best all the time, especially when it comes to their figure. It’s very rare for us to see a Korean on the heavy side of weight, most of them are skinny or even fit. You probably think that Koreans are just more conscious of their physical appearance but there is more to it than meets the eye.



    But did you know that what they eat contributes a lot to why most Korean are skinny. Aside from eating a lot of side dishes made of vegetables, they also love seaweed to snack on. Seaweed is not only rich in fiber, it is also a good source of  iodine, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. You also get Vitamins A, B, and E. Because of their love for Seaweed they come up with lots of flavors of it like, Cheese, Almond, Teriyaki and even Wasabi



    Another food that all Koreans cannot live without is kimchi! They eat Kimchi with almost anything, from side dishes to main course. Kimchi is actually fermented cabbage, which is rich in vitamins, minerals and probiotics that is good for a healthy gut. A healthy gut means better digestion of food leads to a good metabolism. 

    Teazen Kombucha Tea With BTS Jungkook
    Vegemil Soy Milk


    Koreans don’t like sweet carbonated drinks. They prefer tea with lemon or ginger, they also like fermented tea or Kombucha. Tea is not only rich in antioxidants and helps with  blood circulation, sleep and digestion, it also aids with weight loss. They also like Soy milk instead of Cow's milk. Not only does Soy milk have more protein and calcium, it has less calories too.

    1am One Day Konjac Jelly


    They almost never eat junk foods, they prefer healthy snacks like low calorie nuts like almond, chestnuts, walnuts and seaweed as snacks too. One of the popular diet foods with Koreans is Konjac Jelly. Konjac or Elephant yam helps to  reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullness. It is usually eaten before a meal to make yourself easily feel full or to be eaten in between meals to avoid feeling hungry so you won’t binge eat.

    Although this type of diet can tremendously help you to lose weight, the foremost thing you need is will power and discipline. Any type of diet will never work if you lack these important factors. But never forget that physical appearance is not the only important thing, staying healthy physically and mentally will make you the most beautiful version of you!!