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    News — green onion

    Different types of Kimchi that you can easily make

    Different types of Kimchi that you can easily make

    Have you always wanted to try to make Kimchi?

    Did you know that there are types of Kimchi that are easy to make?

    Did you know that Kimchi can be served with just a bowl of hot rice?

    Then, letโ€™s talk about Kimchi!


    Kimchi has been picked as one of the healthiest food in the world. Most of us only know cabbage Kimchi but did you know there are 200 different varieties of Kimchi with different kinds of vegetables being used with or without meat. But in this blog, we will talk about a few of the most common Kimchi that every Korean had in their house tables.


    Image by Korean Jongga via Google

    Baechu Kimchi

    First, cabbage Kimchi is typically served with almost meals in every house, restaurant, or can be brought in any store likeย Food Korea Dubai. The whole cabbage is soaked in salt for about 3 to 4 hours until it is softened and mixed with some ingredients like garlic, ginger, andย Kimchi seasoning powderย and combined into the cabbage. And once the process is finished you can simply slice the cabbage and serve it already on your table. The Kimchi is usually not spicy but mild.ย 


    Image by Korean Bapsang via Google

    Ggakdugi Kimchi

    Chopped Radish Cubes is also one of the common Kimchi in South Korea. This white radish is cut into cubes and mixed with the typical ingredients for Kimchi. This type of Kimchi is not spicy but sweet and crunchy and suitable for people who are not good at eating spicy food but wants to try it.

    Image by Chopsticks and Flour via Google

    Pa Kimchi

    Green Onion Kimchi, this type of Kimchi is popular during spring in South Korea where it is in season. The flavor is genuine and addictive! It's the perfect combination of spicy, salty, and umami flavors. Green onions have a mild, sweet flavor that this sauce enhances. The difference in this Kimchi is you can soak it with water without salt, and with the same process after you drained it mix it with other ingredients just like the traditional Kimchi.

    ย Image by Spoon University via Google

    Oisobagi Kimchi

    Cucumber Kimchi is popular in summer. This is made from cucumbers with the same combination of ingredients just like the previous kimchiโ€™s. This is popular because of the crunchiness and freshness but can't be stored for a long period.


    Did you know it has a lot of benefits?

    Eating Kimchi every day has surprising benefits for our bodies. Using a lot of different vegetables for Kimchi is typically a great source of these nutrients. This dish is low in calories but packed with nutrients like vitamin c, vitamin k, and iron. It also contains probiotics which Lacto-fermentation break its sugar and make the dish more sourness and help to prevent and treat several conditions. This also can strengthen your immune system. Other research says that it makes people slow the aging process.



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