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    News — Teazen

    Korean Drinks that you need to try

    Korean Drinks that you need to try

    Like Korean noodles and snacks, Korean drinks are also getting popular worldwide. Luckily here at Food Korea Dubai, you can buy some products that are popular in South Korea. Some of these refreshments and warm drinks are sparkling juice, coffee, tea, and fruit juice. Not only delicious but these beverages in South Korea are healthyย and can drink it every day.

    For you to know our drinks, we here from Food Korea will tell you how fantastic these drinks are, and surely you'll like them!

    For us who don't live in South Korea, this drink can be seen everywhere in any Asian store. Lotte Milkis is a Korean drink that combines carbonation, milk, and corn syrup, so what youโ€™re left with is a fizzy, sweet drink thatโ€™s oddly refreshing at the same time. This yogurt plus soda is a healthy drink with amazing taste just like Yakult. Milkis can be fun to try if you are bored with the usual sodas and would like to try something new.

    Your favorite childhood lollipop turned into deliciously refreshing fizzy drinks. Chupa Chups is evolving into sparkling fruit-infused sodas that will satisfy those people who crave a sweet, uplifting drink. Just like their lollipops, they have a range of flavors to choose from, including strawberry, melon, and mango. Don't be afraid to try this drink it is slightly sweet and it has a strawberry flavor at first, but there is also a slight tart, yogurt-like flavor, and a slight bitterness from the sparkling water.

    An easy and delicious drink to take care of ourselves and our loved ones! This Honey Citron Tea is made from preserved slices of the yuzu fruit that are sliced thin and kept in honey, which preserves the fruit and lends it a sweet flavor that makes citron tea so special. It is good for relieving sore throats, coughs, colds as it is a good source of vitamin C and contains antibiotic properties.

    Coffee bean Hazelnut Latte is a consistently beloved menu in Korean coffee bean stores. Use the same premium beans as the coffee bean store. This Hazelnut Latte Pouch makes the super-nutritious drink to kick start the day! You can enjoy the taste of premium latte at home.

    HAITAI sparkling grape juice is a sweet grape-flavored drink juice that has real jelly-like grape pulps. It is a great drink for cooling off in the hot weather! The best thing about it is that it is white grape juice and so people can pretend that they are celebrating the new year with a glass of white wine.

    OKF Rice Milk is an excellent source of magnesium, which helps control your blood pressure. Iron and copper increase your red blood cell production, giving you better oxygenation and vitality. Start your everyday morning with this healthy drink!

    Looking for a drink with an extremely strong black sugar-sweet taste. This OKF Black Sugar Milk Tea is for you! This milk tea blend has a relatively bold black tea flavor, but that was complimented well by soft milk and sweet black sugar. Milk tea lovers should try this drink!

    Nonghyupย Black soy milk is a low-calorie drink but rich in vitamin D, and plant-based protein. It's a good source of Calcium as well. Contains 200mg of calcium with black beans which are key healthy ingredients. The taste is so intense and just perfect. It is feel-good to drink, especially with every meal.

    Did you know this is BTS Jungkook's favorite tea and got famous because of him? TEAZEN KOMBUCHA LEMON is a fermented drink that contains lactobacillus to improve gut health. Suited for weight management since it only has 15 calories in one serving. This lemon flavor is like a subtle lemonade flavor, and it's convenient in the pouches that are easy to carry around.

    A cup of tea for good health. Korean One Ginseng Tea this tea is a granular ginseng product that is manufactured from the extract of Korean Ginseng, the specialty of the Republic of Korea, this ginseng tea can be used as health food with a modern taste.

    Have you tried all of the Korean drinks on this list? If not, find your favorite Korean drinks @